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Youth Empowerment
  • Human Resources and Social Development - Register for Support Jobs (SAAID)
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    ​​The system aims to assist job seekers looking for a servant and lumped wage jobs to enable them to register their personal information, health status, work information - if employed, educational degree, work experience, and training programs. The system provides information about applicants to the Ministry of Civil Service specialists to build a database for supporting jobs.​
  • Human Resources and Social Development - Professional Employees Data (KAFA’AT)
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    ​This service allows government agencies, institutions and companies wishing to employ Saudi talent to retrieve Saudi jobseekers CVs from the Ministry of Civil Service database. This service is focused on linking between jobseekers and private and public sectors agencies in order to create job opportunities for citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​
  • MARN platform
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    Marn platform offers hourly-based employment integrated solutions. It connects businesses with distinguished Saudi youth for selected duties using advanced technologies
  • Telework Program
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    “Telework program” is a national initiative supported by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) seeking to create a local and flexible work environment that keeps pace with the developments in the global labor market.
  • GeneralOrganization for Social Insurance - Unemployment Insurance (Saned)
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    In pursuit of the integration of the social insurance laws in the Kingdom, the Royal Decree no. (M18) was issued on 12/03/1435 AH, approving the insurance scheme against unemployment “SANED”, which shall be applied to all Saudis under the age of fifty-nine subjected to the Annuities Branch under the social insurance laws
  • Social Development Bank
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    In line with the ambitious development goals of Vision 2030, which charted the business map and paved the means of cooperation, the Bank's contribution to increasing the contribution of enterprises has emerged Small, emerging, and productive families in the national economy, promoting social services and financial planning represented by savings programs as well as empowering nonprofits.
  • General Entertainment Authority
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    Initiatives of General Entertainment Authority to empower the youth
  • Ministry of Tourism - Tourism Human Capital Development Program
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    The Tourism Human Capital Development Strategy reflects the extent of the Ministry's keenness to provide the best qualification and development programs in innovative ways for all professional levels for the creation of competitive Saudi talents at the global level, in addition to launching awareness campaigns to spread the culture of tourism business growth.
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