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Women Empowerment
  • Social Development Bank - Kanaf Product
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    This product is designed for widows and divorcees by providing them with funding to support them with their needs.
  • Social Development Bank - Freelance Financing
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    Developmental financing for Freelancer constitutes a major player in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of those wishing to engage in Freelancer and raise their productivity, skills, and experience in appropriate, stable, and productive businesses. Therefore, the Social Development Bank should work on developing and innovating a set of financing products to serve this beneficiary category.
  • Human Resources and Social Development - Social Insurance Pension Service
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    The social insurance pension is defined as the payment of a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for the beneficiaries where funds allocated for this program are raised from Zakah. Benefiting from this program is restricted to Saudis who live permanently in K.S.A and meet the social insurance system conditions.
  • Ministry of Commerce - Business Centers for Women
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    Locations of Business centers for women across the Kingdom.
  • Meras is a government program under of Saudi Business Center aiming to facilitate procedures and provide services for conducting business. which provides all government and private sector services that are needed to start your business in one day. Meras provides a high-quality integrated services through an online and physical One-Stop-Shop center.
  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology - Women's Empowerment
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    One of the most important goals of the Women Empowerment Program in the Communication and Information Technology Sector is to increase women's participation in the labor market by implementing programs and initiatives to support employment and create job opportunities for women in the sector.
  • Unified National Platform - Enroll in Qurrah Program
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    An e-service provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) that provides childcare services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the intent to improve and develop the environment and facilities of the children’s hospitality sector while simultaneously supporting the expansion of working Saudi women in the private sector.
  • Unified National Program - Enroll in Wusool Program
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    An e-service provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) in fulfillment of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 dedicated to providing working women with easy transportation services with the intent of empowering and motivating women to venture into private sectors, raising their participation in the labor market by helping them overcome the transportation difficulties that many women in the Kingdom face by providing transportation assistance aimed at cementing their career stability. Hadaf provides financial support in cooperation with taxi directing service providers ensuring high quality and affordable transportation services.
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