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Namar Sub-Municipality

​About Namar Sub-Municiality:

Namar Sub-Municipality is one of the Sub-Municipalities related to the Riyadh Municipality, which founded in 1397, and it was called when it has been founded the “Seventh Region” and later changed to “Eteqa Municipality” then its name changed to “Namar Municipality” in 1425. After the recent amendment to the scope of the sub-municipalities, the new scope of Namar Municipality serves the neighborhoods of south-western part of Riyadh.


  1. North: the Western Ring Road, the north-west side and Jeddah road.
  2. South: the borders of Hemayat Al-Tanmiya
  3. West: Jeddah road
  4. East: Dirab road


  1. Namar
  2. Dhahrat Namar
  3. Suburb of Namar
  4. Dirab Neighborhood
  5. Al-Hazm Neighborhood 
  6. Tuwaiq Neighborhood
  7. Part of Al-Uraja’a Western Neighborhood  
  8. Part of Laban Neighborhood​
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