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  • Thoroughbred horse racing
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    The club was founded in 1385 AH (1965 AD), and the races were held until recently in the field of Malaz in Riyadh, to be held King Abdulaziz horse racing field ranch.​
  • Sands Skiing
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    Here are the desert sand waves instead of water waves everywhere,  snow, and cement, to find a quick movement, where you and the sand only.​
  • Golf in Riyadh
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    The golf Dirab center is the first and only in the Kingdom, which includes 18 holes on the floor from the green grass , and the center is located in the beautiful valley under Twaiq Mountains, and its equipment as well as horse riding, tennis, track and rugged vehicles racetrack.
​​Source : ​​​Saudi Tourism​​​
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