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Riyadh Municipality raises efficiency of its activities through "EJADH"

Many governmental and private sectors are competing to implement Quality of Life program, which was previously launched by the Economic and Development Affairs Council, which is one of programs of 2030 Vision achievement that was approved by the Cabinet. This program comes as a continuation of the operational programs that were launched to support the achievement of 2030 Vision, as well as to strengthen the pillars of the kingdom.

The Quality of Life 2020 program implementation plan reflects the vision of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince - may God protect them - to prepare the environment required to improve the lifestyle of individuals and families, as well as the main goal of the Quality of Life 2020 Program is to include three Saudi cities at least in the list of the top 100 cities which are livable in the world by 2030, while this program seeks to improve the lifestyle of citizens and residents throughout the Kingdom in general, through development of different lifestyles, improving the infrastructure, and expanding the various sectors that relate to the welfare of citizens .

National initiative

Since the main goal of the Quality of Life Program for 2020 is to include at least three Saudi cities in the list of the top 100 livable cities in the world by 2030, Riyadh Municipality has endeavored to raise the efficiency of its activities, including raising efficiency of its activity in supervisory work in the capital region, through EJADH initiative ,in line with the municipal transformation initiatives emanating from the program of achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

This initiative comes within the framework of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs’ initiatives for municipal transformation, which are aiming at implementing the best professional standards in the field of municipal control, and it is considered a pioneering national project that aims to raise the commitment of food, public, commercial and health facilities with regulatory controls and requirements.

More than  year ago, Riyadh Municipality has gradually begun privatizing the operational processes of municipal control within the scope of Riyadh city in partnership with ELM company, which is owned by the Public Investment Fund, launching the new identity of control and inspection under the name of “EJADH” for municipal control as a pioneering national initiative aiming at improving beneficiaries ’satisfaction and enhancing confidence in services provided by food establishments and public and commercial health facilities, it also aims to raise the control level of municipal services and contributes in improving the quality of life in the city of Riyadh, and to provide an urban environment with a healthy living for its residents.

Positive results

After the launch of the initiative, Riyadh Municipality sent out awarness and guidance messages to owners of establishments within the capital’s region as part of its national “EJADH” initiative ,aiming at upgrading the control level of municipal services and contributing to improving the quality of life in Riyadh, explaining in its messages the intended goals of implementing the initiative, stressing on importance of commitment of owner of the facility to present the municipality license and install it in a visible place inside his facility, and the necessity of updating facilities data through the municipality electronic portal.

The initiative has had positive repercussions on the image of establishments and the quality of their services provided to its customers, while "Ejadh" team has worked to help the facility owner in raising the commitment of his facility with the municipal requirements, and that it is his right to verify the identity of Ejadh supervisors and inspectors when they visit his facility, as they all have an official identity and are committed to uniform during performing their work, as the owner of facility can view the photocopying of violations registered on him via a text message on the mobile number recorded in the license, and to object and inquire about it through the electronic portal (, or toll-free : 920033954 or through direct visit.

Development and control

Riyadh Municipality calls constantly on owners of facilities to update their data and cooperate with "EJADH" team to improve services for promoting Riyadh city community, as It has also worked on awareness and safe environmental and health control, where EJADH initiative has contributed in developing and improving monitoring and inspection mechanism of facilities, and applying the best professional standards of modern technologies used in this field, developing skills of inspectors, and ensuring a high and stable level of control and inspection work.
3/10/2020 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 3/15/2020 2:01 PM