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MOMRA launches electronic application Service for companies and engineering consultancy offices classification requests

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, represented by the Ministry's Agency for Contractors’ Classification, has launched an electronic application service for companies and engineering consultancy offices classification, confirming that receiving classification applications and registration has started from 1/7/1438 through the internet portal on the Ministry's website, in an implementation to the decision of the Council of Ministers ,which confirms that Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs shall be the body concerned with the classification of engineering consulting companies and offices. The classification shall be according to a mechanism admitted by a committee formed in ministry with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Investment, and Saudi Engineers Organization.

The Ministry has worked to modernize and develop the mechanism in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Investment and the Saudi Engineers Organization within the framework of the Municipal Transformation Program and the National Transformation program 2020 ,which emanates from the vision of the Kingdom 2030 ,to promote the engineering consultancy sector, and determining 24 fields including many activities to provide engineering services, such as: Architectural design, urban planning, structural engineering, roads and rail, tunnels and bridges, airport, water and sanitation, ports and maritime, Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, Telecommunications & IT, electronic engineering, Computer engineering , chemical engineering, Geology, Soil and Foundations Engineering, Value Engineering, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health, Specialized Laboratories, Project Management , Quality Management, Area and Geographical Systems, Agricultural Engineering, Technical Studies and Support Services.

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has determined general, legal, financial and technical requirements to applicants of classification request, which could be filled through the website of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (

The ministry urges all companies and engineering consultancy offices to register and fill in the required forms for classification as soon as possible, where the classification will be one of the official requirements of government projects and the adoption of plans and studies.
5/8/2017 Al-Jazeera Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 5/9/2017 1:04 PM