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Ministry of Municipal Affairs approves the new fees list of municipal services

Engr. Abdullatif bin Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs approved the new fees list of municipal services provided by municipalities and sub-municipalities, which aims to improve the quality of municipal services provided to citizens in all regions of the Kingdom. Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs explained that new municipal fees have been approved in the light of studies, which took into account the spatial gradient, according to cities, governorates and centers ,and taking into account the urban strategy and economic activity, also it have been classified municipalities and sub-municipalities of the Kingdom to 5 categories.

According to this categorization, it will be applied the new fees of municipal services depending on the new regulation, taking into account the minimum charges of these fees, particularly in respect of fees of issuing building and extension permits, as well as demolition and restoration permits, where the fees of 3 years home building permits comes in the first category, including the main five municipalities which are Riyadh Municipality ,Holy Capital City Municipality ,Medina Al Monawra Municipality ,Eastern Region Municipality and Jeddah Municipality, where the fee is  amounted by SR 3 per each m2, until reaching the 5th  Category, in which the fee is up to 0.60 halalas per m2.

Regarding to commercial activities, it is issued business activities licenses for a period of one year, where fuel stations fee inside the urban boundary is amounted by SR 5,000 for the one license in the 1st  category, and graduated to reach the 5th category, where fee is amounted by SR 1000 for the one license.

Furthermore, it has been postponed the application of certain fees on some of the other services until studying them comprehensively, like fuel stations located outside the urban boundary , fees of commercial and residential waste collection ,and streets drilling licenses , approving the real estate development layout  , hotels, furnished apartments and resorts occupancy, along with free services provided by ministry ,which are more than 90 services ,including municipal parks, squares and cemeteries , landscaping , environmental health services, pest control, and others.

Ministry confirmed that list of municipal services fees will come into force starting from 03/10/1438 AH ,in addition to the creation of several mechanisms to facilitate its collection ,and finding channels to measure the degree of citizens satisfaction for municipal services, as well as monitoring any deficiencies, in the frame work of taking advantage of all views and proposals to improve the quality of municipal services.

In the area of inspection services, the list has determined fee of SR 20 for the visit for all categories, as well as SR 60 for health certification issuance for all categories.
11/7/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 11/7/2016 12:43 PM