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Faisal bin Bandar: Riyadh will be more beautiful after the completion of projects

Prince of Riyadh Region has met the officials of Riyadh Municipality, in an inspection visit to the headquarters of the General Directorate of Operation and Maintenance, Control Center, and 940 Emergency Call Center, in addition ,HRH received in person the calls of citizens, expressing admiration and delight for the ordered hard work provided and operated by the excellent Saudi employees.


HRH explained to "Al-Riyadh" newspaper that employees in Riyadh Municipality have reached a high degree of knowledge , science and culture, whether the work culture or specialization culture, praising the efficiency of the sons of the homeland who are working in municipality, and what they have reached from experience and professionalism, assuring at the same time that wise leadership led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has given opportunities for us and allowed us  to work through a lot of things to clarify and implement what we have learned and studied on the ground of reality.


HRH promised to transfer these successes to HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - may God protect him-  praising the work accuracy and high professionalism of all staff at Riyadh Municipality, stressing at the same time that it is pride of every citizen to find sons of the nation at the top job posts and run it professionally.


HRH assured to Riyadh residents that it have been developed plans for preparations of the rainy season ,and it has been taken the necessary preparations in order to avoid the accumulation of rainwater, calling the God for safety procedures to work as planned.


HRH said that he discussed with the heads of sub-municipalities subject of roads and overstocked cars, explaining that this issue is matter of time and will disappear soon, after preparing the good ground for him, and added that tunneling works and metro line are ongoing according to plan and will be completed on time.


HRH forwarded his message to residents and visitors of Riyadh saying, "Riyadh is very beautiful and you will see the city after the demise of congestion, as a result of the current projects more beautiful and more elegant  ... This is our beautiful capital, and permanent source of Arabism."


Yesterday afternoon and during HRH inspection visit to the Public Administration of Operation and Maintenance in Riyadh Municipality ,HRH briefed on Riyadh Municipality projects plans and operational programs which are currently being implemented for all municipality projects, , where HRH at the beginning of the visit has visited exhibition which reviews the current and future achievements of Riyadh Municipality in all aspects of development in the fields of roads, bridges, tunnels, torrents water drainage, parks, municipal squares , administrative centers , specialized oases, hygiene and environmental health, plots , space and urban layout, information technology and investment, as well as the efforts of Riyadh's sub- municipalities in development services.


HRH Prince of Riyadh region, visited supervision and control center and briefed on the cutting-edge technology of the center, and  listened to a detailed explanation of what the center contains of latest control technology ,through advanced monitoring cameras and control devices , where Engr. Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Sharif, Director General of Operation and Maintenance in Riyadh Municipality presented a detailed explanation on center departments and the role played by each one, also HRH listened to explanation on the central control unit functions and tasks in monitoring roads , torrents water drainage and lighting control.


Engr. Al-Sharif also explained the framework of lighting network automated control project through an electronic system, which controls and monitors all network elements to detect failures, which occur in real time and determines its location accurately.


Subsequently, HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar visited Riyadh Municipality Call Center "940", where HRH listened to an explanation of what services provided by the Centre. Engr. Abdullah Al-Sharif presented an explanation about the center clearing that all (47) sub-municipalities of Riyadh region provinces are integrated with Riyadh Municipality Emergency Center, to provide development and municipal services within their range, noting that this step of linking all sub-municipalities of Riyadh region provinces will contribute to speed up the delivery of services by the service providers, where 940 unique number receives all reports, complaints and suggestions related to municipal services to be delivered to the executive entity through an automated system ,linking all concerned departments with the party responsible for the implementation of reports, where the system sends the report upon his delivery to the executive entity across several automated means including (fax - integrated network with all executive bodies - e-mail - mobile messages) ,as well as responding to inquiries relating to all the services provided by Riyadh Municipality, and sending message to reporter on mobile phone, informing him by report number and the concerned department to which report has been forwarded , as well as status of  the report.


Citizens Reports


HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar has received calls from citizens on 940 center, where HRH listened to their complaints and directed to follow-up their reports.


Then, HRH hold a meeting with heads of sub municipalities and discussed with them the municipal plans.


HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region, expressed his delight with what he saw of cutting-edge technology and great efforts of Riyadh Municipality to serve municipal and development sector in the Riyadh region.


HRH has briefed during his visit on the e- transformation plan of Riyadh Municipality praising the efforts of the Riyadh Municipality for developing e-services and facilitating procedures for citizens, praising the achievements of the Riyadh Municipality in the field of e-services provided to beneficiaries.


HRH listened during his visit to an explanation from Engr. Awad bin Abdullah Al-Otaibi  ,Director General of Information Technology and E-Services in Riyadh Municipality, on the foundations on which Riyadh Municipality e-transformation plan is based , HRH also reviewed the mechanism of Riyadh Municipality E-Services Portal and services offered to citizens and all beneficiaries ,through providing several means of municipal services easily and conveniently.

11/5/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
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