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Ministry of Municipalities: Activating Torrents Dangers Ward-off Projects and taking actions to protect cities

In framework of Ministry of municipal and rural Affairs’ efforts aiming to raise the level of specialists and engineers in all fields and to benefit from international expertise, Ministry has dispatched a team of specialists to United States of America for reviewing the major projects of flood risks management and the followed actions to protect cities and communities from the dangers of floods and torrents in developed countries.

Based on that visit, Ministry issued several recommendations to municipalities and sub-municipalities to activate flood & torrents risk management projects and to take all followed actions to protect cities and communities from the dangers of floods and torrents, recommendations also included protecting valleys and its streams from encroachments of using it as residences, rests and farms, and what it may cause of blocking torrents and flooding water streaming in valleys, as well as preparing a strategic studies for rainwater and flooding drainage of cities and communities, in order to protect them from dangers of flooding, and stressing on importance of continuous update of previous hydrological studies, and taking into account the rain readings of recent years, with studying the soil nature and its mechanical properties studies, so as to ensure that it is not affect any problems on drainage projects infrastructure.

In addition, establishing and provision of rainwater and flood drainage systems in cities (concrete channels, paths, storage tanks, pumping stations with all its components), according to engineering and technical standards, with rehabilitation of the existing systems so as not to lose a large part of their importance.

Ministry stressed in its instructions on importance of cooperation with the relevant and competent authorities, in order to gather and monitor information about climatic conditions ,and the use of modern techniques like satellites and early warning devices ,to make sure of rainfall and floods, as well as training and qualification of specialists in the field of floods dangers management and how to deal with it.

The ministry stressed on the importance of taking into account the protection of cities from the dangers of floods when considering future urban expansion of cities and communities, and giving priority to low areas and sites in cities in torrents and floods drainage.

The Ministry urged municipalities on importance of directing implementing companies and institutions of projects inside cities and communities ,not to make obstacles and digging in places of rainwater flow , which may cause lakes and swamps causing damage to the population housing, and environment, and making sure of the availability of pumps and backup generators in places of flooding to protect cities from the risk of flooding which disrupt the life and hinder rescue and response operations.

The ministry has supplied municipalities with design models of concrete channels and illustrations flyers of pumping stations to benefit from them.​
12/4/2016 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 12/4/2016 2:40 PM