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Municipalities launches strategic plan for development and measurement of laboratories’ efficiency

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has launched strategic plan to measure the current efficiency of laboratories, and to continue development of management and performance of food and water chemical and microbiological laboratories, where it is working with Municipality’s laboratories through “Samples Comparison" system , as well as it is working by Automation system for recording transactions electronically.

The ministry represented in Laboratories Administration is currently working on the implementation and supervision of a number of specialized projects, including operation and maintenance project, Cleanliness of equipment and laboratories of Public Administration for Environmental Health project, the construction of the permanent building of Environmental health laboratories project, project of Microbiological inspection study of fast food, as well as the study of Food carcinogens chemical contaminants detection, in addition, the ministry has recently embarked on a study on hormones detection in eggs, and other study on the detection of food pollution indicators.

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has been awarded the international quality certificate ISO 17025 for management  of chemical and microbiological laboratories for food and water, as a culmination of the service level , through which the ministry targets to protect consumers' health, and a confirmation of its accuracy and efficiency of its tests, to ensure the integrity and validity of results ,and reducing errors ratio for ensuring the provision of best services to citizens and residents in the Kingdom, as well as ministry is currently working on the requirements’ completion of obtaining the national accreditation certificate.
1/4/2017 Riyadh Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 1/12/2017 10:43 AM