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MOMRA starts receiving requests to engage in commercial activities for 24 hours

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has announced the start of receiving requests from commercial stores owners to allow 24 hours of work through the “Baladi” portal from today, Wednesday, after the completion of permit controls for commercial activities.

The Ministry stated that allowing commercial activities to work for 24 hours will add more flexibility to commercial activities, and will enable the circulation of goods around the clock, and meets the needs of urban residents, which reflects positively on the quality of life in Saudi cities.

The Ministry indicated that the executive instructions for the financial consideration took into account, when calculating the value of the consideration, the area of ​​the store and the type of activity, and excluding all pharmacies, medical activities, educational activities, and gas stations (fuel filling services only), service centers outside the urban area, in addition to wedding palaces, and rest houses , Hotels, hotel apartments, resorts and the like in return for money.

The Ministry stated that those wishing to view the required conditions can visit the ministry website. 

1/1/2020 Sabq Newspaper
Last Modified Date: 1/1/2020 12:39 PM