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The secretariat of the city of Riyadh municipality of small means and functions and personnel was established in 1356 e was Responsible for in that time, "director of the municipality", and the first appointed to the this site is Mr. Hassan Bukhari, even in 1360 AH (1941 AD), and then appointed Mr. Zinni Barre Year 1362 (1943 m) "mayor", and was formed some sections of the municipality such as the Department of Administration, the Department of Hygiene, and in that time, the municipality began the task of expanding a bit and associated security services and police.

He was appointed Professor Abdullah Ali's, and Mr. Mahmoud Jameel Patani, and later appointed Sheikh Omar Thurs, and Sheikh Ahmed Khalifa Nabhani, and Mr. Abdul Mohsen Saleh Rashid, came after Mr. Mohammed Hassan Al Green, has worked all these people in the era of the late King Abdulaziz, The duration of the term of each of them between the municipality and two years ago.

In the year 1373 AH (1953 AD) issued a King Saud Allah's mercy ordered the appointment of His Royal Highness Prince Fahad Al-Faisal as mayor of Riyadh, and in 1375 AH (1955 AD) was of the order of the High Holy changing the name of the Riyadh Municipality to the "will of the city of Riyadh" was the first Secretary is her Prince Fahad Al-Faisal.

As the city expanded after the transfer of ministries to it in 1375 e was reflected on the activity of the municipality where he became a Riyadh area to attract a population of internal migration in search of employment, study or move from the desert, and expanded the functions and the burdens of the Secretariat has increased its budget substantially increased, as well as the number of staff and workers.

Has continued to Prince Faisal Fahd secretary of the city 13 years ago, he was appointed after Prince Abdul Aziz in the 1/6/1386 e-Thunayan, who worked 11 years ago, in his appointed 2/11/1396 Mr. Abdullah Ali Naeem and continued as Secretary of the city to 6 / 1 / 1411 and was succeeded by his assistant engineer Angari bin Abdul Rahman, who was employed by an agent of the Secretary of the reconstruction projects. In the history of 2/3/1418 AH ordered the appointment of a Royal Prince Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammed Bin Al Ayyaf Horny secretary of the city of Riyadh.


Municipality functions and tasks


Royal Decree No. M / 5 dated 21/2/1397 AH, functions and tasks of municipalities and municipal secretariats based system and the secretariats of municipalities and villages as follows:

  1. organization and coordination of the town, according to the organizational chart approved by the competent authorities.
  2. The authorization to establish construction and buildings, and all extensions of public and private, and myrrh dome.
  3. to preserve the appearance and cleanliness of the town, and the establishment of parks, squares, parks and public places of tourism, organization and management, directly or indirectly, and control.
  4. environmental protection, public health within the city, and filling ponds and marshes, reducing the risk of flooding and the creation of walls of trees around the town to protect it from sand.
  5. Control of food and consumer goods, supply and supervision of the citizens and the control of prices and the prices of public services, and monitoring of balances or weights and measures jointly with the competent authorities.
  6. Establishment of slaughterhouses and cleaned.
  7. the creation of markets and to identify points of sale.
  8. authorization to engage in crafts and trades and shops open and public health monitoring and technically.
  9. to maintain the safety, comfort, and in particular to take the actions necessary to prevent the occurrence of fires and extinguishing them and the demolition of dilapidated buildings or parts of them crumbling, and the establishment of public shelters.
  10. determine the positions of street vendors, cars and vehicles.
  11. Regulation of Transport of procedure and wages in agreement with the competent authorities of the.
  12. the expropriation of property for public benefit.
  13. to identify and meet the fees and revenues of municipal fines and penalties, which died on a violation of the regulations.
  14. supervision of the election and the nomination of the heads of trades and professions and monitor their work and resolve differences that may occur between them.
  15. protection of monuments in cooperation with the competent authorities.
  16. to encourage the activity of a cultural, sporting, social, and contribute to it.
  17. Cooperation with the competent authorities to prevent begging, homelessness and the creation of shelters for the disabled, orphans, the insane and people with disabilities and their ilk.
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