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"Ejadh" is a pioneering national initiative aiming at improving satisfaction of beneficiaries and enhancing confidence in services provided by food establishments and public and commercial health facilities, and working to reduce bad practices in order to provide an environment that improves the services provided to population.​
Printing Center Licenses DeliveryRiyadh Municipality has recently launched licenses and documents printing service and its delivery by mail to beneficiaries in their homes and workplaces, in partnership with "ELM" company, as part of the Riyadh Municipality's plan to facilitate access to services , reduce number of reviewers, and raise the level of satisfaction among citizens in the framework of national transformation initiatives launched by Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to achieve objectives of the vision of the Kingdom 2030 in the field of municipal work.​
Guest Service Center
The "Guest Service Center" initiative is the main platform for Riyadh Municipality’s auditors, in light shed of Riyadh Municipality’s trend to provide multiple channels to meet the needs of beneficiaries, while initiative represents a qualitative leap in serving beneficiaries of municipal services in the Kingdom.​
Blockchain Technology
Riyadh Municipality, ELM and IBM companies have presented a worksheet on Block Chain technology application plan for services provided by municipality to beneficiaries, in particular control, inspection and following-up works of the city projects, in order to contribute in improving and facilitating government services and transactions digitally, which will contribute in achieving a quantum leap in methods and procedures used in services provided by Riyadh Municipality to beneficiaries, in terms of safe storage, verification and information security.​

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