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Local Strategic Partnership


Strategic Partner
Partnership Name
Signing Date
Relative department in Municipality
Areas of Partnership
1​Khairat Association for the Preservation of Grace​
Partnership for Preservation of Grace (Food Surplus)​
Active​​27 / 11 / 2018
General Administration of Environmental Health​​Preserving surplus food and meeting the needs of needy families and spreading the culture of preserving the grace.​
Saudi Council of Engineers​​
Joint cooperation between the two parties to enrich the work in the professional and practical aspects
​8 / 4 / 2020

- Cooperation in the field of training, advisory and research services​
- Awareness campaigns to guide the Municipality’s engineers and technicians to obtain a license to practice engineering professions
- Providing programs and training courses at reduced fees for the engineers and technicians of the Municipality.
- Supporting the National Transformation Initiative and localizing engineering jobs..
Working to develop a unified mechanism for classifying engineering offices in Municipality.
- The possibility of getting benefit from the facilities of the two parties for joint engineering activities.
Saudi Veterinary Medical Association​
Cooperation in areas related to health and veterinary prevention, development of work mechanisms,​ and dealing with stray animals.​
3 / 2 / 2021
Services Agency - General Administration of Environmental Health​

- Observing the ethics of veterinary medical professions, occupational health and safety, and protection against infection.
- Participate in the preparation of a full study on the treatment and control of stray animals by proper methods, including the budget for its implementation.
- Organizing and sponsoring scientific forums, conferences, workshops, and training courses related to common areas.
- Monitoring and evaluating environmental health problems and providing practical solutions to overcome them
- Overcoming the challenges facing the two parties at the educational, training, research, and advisory levels in areas related to environmental health, public health, veterinary health, and in other areas related to the activities and work of the Municipality.​
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation​

Training Employees
Active​4 / 2 / 2021
General Administration of Human Resources​
- Cooperation in the field of training and rehabilitation for the staff of the Municipality in the specialties available in accordance with the regulations.
- Cooperation in media and technical fields and participation in awareness and educational campaigns.
- Cooperation through the participation of volunteer teams and scouts teams​.
The Women's Committee for Community Development in the Principality of Riyadh​ Region
Cities Development Institute
Child's friendly city
​17 / 2 / 2021Services Agency​
- Taking into account the participation of children in the municipal council, and their opinions.
- Enhancing child safety and safe movement within neighborhoods, providing means for people with special needs and equalizing them with normal healthy children, as well as determining activities that fit the developmental characteristics of each age stage.​

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