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Eng. Mssa'ed Abdul Rahman Al Angari
  1. Born in the Al Majm'a city (Riyadh) in 1363 AH. 
  2. Received a BACHELOR'S DEGREE in civil engineering from King Saud University in Riyadh in 1390. •He joined as an engineer in the design and supervision of the agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including municipalities and was sent out and returned as Director of Engineering Department of the Central Region.
  3. Received a MASTER'S DEGREE from the University of Pittsburgh, USA in 1394.
  4. Appointed an agent for the Mayor of Riyadh in 1396 AH.
  5. Member of the organizing committee of the Kingdom between yesterday and today since its inception in 1405.
  6. Was appointed secretary of the city of Riyadh on 06/01/1411 AH.
  7. Granting of the Order of King Abdulaziz of the first class in 1407.
  8. Participated in a large number of international conferences and symposia and regional (Arab Towns Organization and the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization, and major cities in the world and the world capitals).
  9. Was elected a member of the Shura Council since 1418​
From1411 H To1418 H
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