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Unified Procedures Guide

  1. Commercial Registry.
  2. Shop contract.
  3. A deed of ownership or a valid lease (for a period not less than 6 months).
  4. National ID.
  5. Proof of non-employment by any governmental or community entity.
  6. Transfer notice.
Service Procedures:
  1. Beneficiary: Submit application to transfer ownership of a shop license through the Uniform Applications Portal ( ,and attach the documents required to implement the service (user ID is verified by integration with services of Ministry of Interior and Municipality of Commerce).
  2. Licenses Department Officer: Reviews the application and attachments, and transfers the application to Activity Control or Circulars.
  3. Control Supervisor: Assigns an observer and date of site visit.
  4. Observer: Previews the site and determines the extent of compliance with activity conditions, previews guidance and advertising banners and boards, and prepares the visit report.
  5. Licenses Department Officer: Reviews the application after Control and then do the following: First: Writes approval letters of third parties and send them to beneficiary by e-mail (According to activity and type of modification) or to implement the application and transfers it to Head of Department, Second: Reviews the application after obtaining approvals of third parties, and registers and attaches it to request (According to activity and type of modification) and then implements the required modification and transfers the request to Head of Department.
  6. Head of Department: Reviews and approves the application and transfers it to Deputy Mayor for Services.
  7. Deputy Mayor for Municipal Services: reviews and approves the application and transfer it to mayor.
  8. Mayor: Reviews and approves the application.
  9. Licenses Delivery Employee: Print the license (the license could be sent to beneficiary in parcel by Express Mail if requested at time of editing the application, or the license is placed license delivery file until the beneficiary comes to municipality to receive it ,as desired when the request was issued).​

Last Modified Date: 2/18/2019 3:15 PM
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