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Optical distortion detection and treatment program

Based on Riyadh Municipality approach of providing smart solutions to enable departments and sub-municipalities of providing control and inspection services, the technical team in Riyadh Municipality has developed a Mobile Application, aiming at facilitating the workflow of field teams in monitoring and reporting the visual distortion elements in Riyadh city, which allows users to review, examine and record distortion elements types and taking photos, as well as automatic determination of location coordinates on the map, where optical distortion element has monitored, and forwarding the report to the competent authorities to be processed, documented and escalated to the central operation room.

System Features

  1. Determines location coordinates of visual distortion elements on the map automatically.
  2. Integration with GIS service in Riyadh Municipality, where observers’ location is determined based on mapping coordinates automatically.
  3. Helps supervisors of sub-municipalities and central departments to follow up and review tasks, which are required to be completed.
  4. Provides automatic image capture mechanism for documentation (before and after).
  5. Assists in monitoring and reviewing visual distortion elements and taking the needed action.
  6. Enables cooperative population to participate in reporting some sites, to be forwarded by the App. to supervisors directly.
  7. Distributing and determining routes on maps, to assign tasks to sub-municipalities’ observers.

Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIS)

Using GIS interactive map to facilitate the management of large areas within the geographical scope of Riyadh city, to organize access of municipal observers to all districts and streets in the city, through defining the scope of each sub-municipality separately, and then determining the scope of districts of each sub-municipality separately, then starting the process of creating routes for all branched streets in each district and each sub-municipality, those routes are used to create tasks, which will be assigned to observers periodically, based on calculations to ensure coverage of all sub-municipalities and districts.

Using GPS feature on the application, which is integrated with the system, to do the process of organizing registered reports to observers of sub-municipalities and districts, it :

  1. Allows observers to monitor reports within the specified determined route only, where they can not work outside the specified scope of work.
  2. Automatic identification of report registration process, where it is sorted and classified according to coordinates, and registering report by (Sub-Municipality and District) where it is located.
  3. Tracks observers’ route on the map, and comparing the workflow with the determined route, to ensure covering all routes on the ground of reality.
For more information, you can click here.

Weight Change Sensors in transport trucks of construction waste ​

Sensors are installed to monitor the weight change of trucks, where they are connected directly through an Internet connection, and when change happens in a load of the truck by a certain percentage, it records the truck data with the weight change, as well as sending the location coordinates on the map to determine the location of change, while system retrieves data of recorded tracks in weight change item for sending an observer to check for the violation in the registered site.

Municipal Waste Management System (MWMSR)

Emerging technologies and recent trends

1- Electronic identification technology using radio frequencies (RFID)

Technology description

It is a wireless technology used to electronically identify the vehicles that reach the cemetery and transitional stations through chips that are installed on those vehicles.

The goal of the technology
  1. Reaching the system to the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy
  2. Reducing the time spent on procedures

2- System Mobile Apps

The MWMSR mobile application has been developed to:

  1. View forms, reports, and data via mobile devices.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of monitoring operations in the field and reduce the cycle of correction and processing observations.
For more information, you can click here.

As a first stage, it has been introduced and adopted the application for each of the following:

  1. Summary of operations in compressor working areas.
  2. Locate containers and barrels locations.
  3. Upload the photos of field notes.​

Last Modified Date: 10/10/2021 1:08 PM
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