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Subject pages and screens of these pages as well as information and materials contained in these pages and screens of the laws of intellectual property rights, and reserves the Riyadh Municipality of their legal rights with respect to any violation of it.

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The information and materials contained in these pages are subject to change at any time. And the right to change the secretariat of this information as required by the business interest without giving reasons.

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The information and materials and transported from the other parties contained in this site such as text, graphics, grid, or any other items - has been given "as is", so the Riyadh Municipality does not guarantee the accuracy of this information or its suitability for its intended purpose or whether such information and materials adequate or not. The waiver by the responsibility for any errors or omissions in such information and materials, the Secretariat does not give any guarantee, whether implied or explicit, and whatever kind and nature related to such information. This includes but not limited to warranties of non-violation of the rights of other parties and the right of ownership and the possibility of marketing information and materials and their suitability for use in any other purposes and they are free of viruses.

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Policy of the Secretariat General of the Riyadh region on the confidentiality of information:-

If you provide us with personal information about yourself as address your and your phone number or address your e-mail as well as any background information or identifiable about you as a visitor recorded at the site of the Secretariat of the Riyadh region, we are committed to non-disclosure of such information (to inform any other person by, or sold or disclosure) of the points Foreign Affairs has not been notified of this and we get the authorization from you or do it by legal.

Visitor Opinion:-

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