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Portal Users' Charter

Riyadh Municipality portal is an important channel of interaction and communication between the Municipality and beneficiaries of its public services. Because of that any relationship between two parties requires the development of broad lines and general standards to ensure the strengthening and development of that relationship in order to achieve the highest degree of benefit, So Riyadh Municipality Portal has developed charter for its clients contain from hand the portal's obligations towards its visitors and responsibilities of those visitors toward the portal from the other hand.


Achieving leadership in the support and delivery of municipal services, and to facilitate electronic services, information and transactions which link beneficiaries and our departments and facilities of Riyadh Region Municipality.


Riyadh Municipality Portal seeks to contribute in achieving the vision of Municipality to provide electronic services and information relating to all municipal services, according to international general standards.


  1. Finding out the newly introduced e-services throughout the Riyadh Municipality departments and sectors, and publishing them on the Portal, so as to be easily used.

  2. Providing miscellaneous, highly professional informational content; including news, reports, activities and events, as well as awareness materials.

  3. Ongoing development of the Portal content, according to the best and highest quality standards.

Strategic Targets

  1. Developing the Riyadh Municipality Portal to be deemed the online reference of the e-municipal services provided.

  2. Adopting the state-of-the-art technologies and methods of content display, with a view to attainting total quality in terms of both form and content.

  3. Achieving the highest possible level of communication and interaction with the beneficiaries of the Portal's various services.

  4. Providing a unique model of governmental e-transactions.


  1. All people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general (citizens, residents and guests) and in Riyadh region in particular.

  2. Public and Private sectors.

  3. Riyadh Municipality employees.

  4. Those searching for information concerning the Saudi municipal affairs.

General Standards

  1. Adopting the world's most advanced technologies in service deliverance and information confidentiality.

  2. Paying close attention to the content quality, through a constellation of professional cadres.

  3. Compatibility with all web browsers, thus taking into account the users' various preferences.

  4. Receiving the Portal visitors' opinions and suggestions 24/7.

Standards of Electronic Services

  1. The time taken for the accessibility to the homepage and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 6 seconds.

  2. The time taken for the accessibility to the Portal's homepage is about the average between 4-6 seconds.

  3. Readiness ratio is 99.4 %.

  4. Yearly contained downtime hours may reach 4.38 hours, equivalent to 262.56 hours.

Monthly contained downtime hours may reach 4.38 hours, equivalent to 262.8 minutes.

The Riyadh Municipality's Portal is keen on enhancing the levels of performance and quality in order to improve the current ratio and reduce the Portal's downtime.

Our commitments

Based on the vision and mission of the Secretariat of the Riyadh region, and in order to achieve the objectives of its portal, we strive to provide the best possible services to Portal's clients of citizens, residents and visitors as well as the business sector, and to recognize what the portal will do to achieve these goals, we have identified the most prominent obligations of the portal as follows:

  • Help and Support:

  1. Portal includes a section to help and support visitors provides all needed help to visitors. Portal's management was keen to provide a variety of assistance to fit the largest possible number of visitors, so it provides a visual text and files in addition to providing assistance in the form of flash files. Support and Help section provides detailed information and links to a number of forms of assistance, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Usability, and PDA version.

  2. Privacy and Information Confidentiality: Riyadh Municipality Portal set users and visitors information confidentiality at the top of the list of priorities, and portal management do all its efforts to provide high quality services for all beneficiaries. For more information about information privacy and confidentiality, please click here.

  3. Providing communication and participation mechanisms: Portal Management is committed to provide a multiple mechanisms for communicating with customers to ensure the quality of services provided through the portal. For more information about the mechanisms of communication, please click here.

  4. Channels suggestions and complaints

Communication channels generally include the following:

Riyadh Municipality

Tel: - 4136021 (11) 00966

SADAD services / Ext: 1022/1129/1125

E-Services / Ext: 1149/1202

Call Center: 940

Postal Code: --11,146

E-mail: - esupport@alriyadh.gov.sa

For Complaints and proposals: - info@alriyadh.gov.sa

Customer Commitments

In accordance with our commitment to provide our users and beneficiaries with the best services, there are a set of responsibilities borne by these users and beneficiaries to get the desired result. Here are some details about the responsibilities of the user and beneficiary towards the portal:

  1. Terms and Conditions of Use: Users should fully understand the terms and conditions. For the full Terms and Conditions of Use, please click here.

  2. E-Participation: Portal administration provides number of participatory tools, including e-voting, comments, blog, forums and citizen's voice. For more information about e-Participation, please click here

  3. Complaints and Inquiries: Portal designed a number of channels and tools that enable its customer from effective participation and make their voices heard to all officials of portal headed by His Excellency the Mayor, and one of these channels is Contact Us page, which is an important interactive channel include models of inquiries, complaints and suggestions. Portal has set conditions and criteria for the customer must be met clients, to ensure the delivery of his proposal or his complaint to the official in Municipality. For viewing charts for other government entities:

  4. Customer Charter in Saudi Government Portal "Saudi"