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Benefits of Registration on Portal

Dear Visitor,

B​y registering on the RM Portal, you will be able to benefit from a wide range of e-services available through RM Portal, through Registration mechanism.  

Dear Employee,

Within the colossal efforts made by the Riyadh Municipality in quest for developing its e-services, and seeking to meet its employees' needs with regard to such services, proceeding from the viewpoint that beneficiaries' feedback is pivotal for the development of services, the Municipality has chosen to pursue a certain strategy for providing best services for its employees. This strategy is based upon a number of pillars meant to harness technology for enhancing its programs and activities. In so doing, it provides a good opportunity to benefit from a variety of e-services.

RM portal offers a Single Sign on Registration, allowing visitors to access all e-services via a single login.​
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Last Update Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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