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  • Al-Bujairi District
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    ​​Discover the fragrance of the past that has commingled with the spirit and originality of the present in Al-Bujairi district. The district has a unique architectural style inspired by the surrounding nature and the vast palm plantations on the banks of the Wadi Hanifa (Hanifa valley) overlooking the historic Turaif district, which has been inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is worth mentioning that the cultural and built values of this district has made it eligible to become one of the top heritage towns in the world. You can spend most enjoyable and interesting times in the company of your family and friends in Al-Bujairi district.  It has been provided with high-end services that meet all your needs, including restaurants, cafes, outlets for handicrafts, and souvenir shops.​
  • Turaif District
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    The Turaif District, located in historic Dir'iya, was entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 31, 2010, making it the second Saudi heritage site to be registered into the heritage list after the approval of Al Hijr site (Mada’en Saleh) in 2008.​
  • Historical Districts
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    Dir’iyah consists of several main districts, which are Turaif, Ghadheeba, Bujairi, Suraihah, Dhuhairah, Tarafiyah, Odah and Bulaidah.​
  • Antiquities of Dir’iyah
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    A museum of the past and a pride for the present, it showcases many distinguished antiquities reflecting its value and importance throughout the eras.Among the major landmarks of Dir’iyah are Salwa Palace, where affairs of the state were operated, and Turaif Wall, a large exterior wall with huge watchtowers.  Also, the Samha Tower, Mughaisbi Towers, Shdeed Allouh Tower, Qulaiqil Wall, Rafi’ah Fort, Qumairiyah Towers, Prince Saad bin Saud Palace, Hasaniyah Tower, Omran Villages, Samhan, Dhuhairah Mosque, Fatiqah Tower, Faisal Tower and Turaif.
​​Source : ​​​Saudi Tourism​​​
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