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Riyadh Municipality: e-applications for building licenses increase by 41% during February

February KPIs of Riyadh sub-municipalities has showed an increase in e-applications number for building licenses ,spatial reports and professional licenses compared to the number of applications received by portal during January of the same year.

February KPIs showed an increase of applications number received by Riyadh Municipality portal by 41% compared to January 2005, in terms of 5253 online applications, while 91% has completed and 7% are under procedure, while delayed applications does not exceed 2%.

KPIs showed an increase by 11% in number of e-applications for professional licenses in February compared to January within the scope of 15 municipalities in Riyadh city, where number of applications has reached 8459 e-applications, it has been completed 86% of them, still 11 % of them under procedure, and delayed applications does not exceed 3% of total.

Applications for professional licenses in sub-municipalities of Riyadh increased by 3% compared to last January, reaching 3068 applications, it has been completed 58% of them, 23% remained under procedure, while delayed are 19%.

It should be noted that KPIs provide detailed information on total e-requests for municipal services provided by Municipality, while these applications are categorized according to their municipal scope and in accordance with their completion status, which allow municipal officials to see the level of productivity of their municipalities and provide officials in municipality with accurate figures for appropriate decision-making to promote quality of municipal services provided to beneficiaries.



Last Modified Date: 3/27/2018 12:49 PM